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Romania                                                                        EUR-030

Actualized on: 2017-11-20
Name Permission valid until Category   Organization Address, phone, fax, eMail Languages
      AB LH SLH SH SIA/ORI        

*Mrs. Beverly Elian


1,2  2018-03-31 X           WCF
Vasile Lupu 1A
RO-013753 Bucharest
phone: +40-745-078 979
email: Bevelian@gmail.com


 1 The judge has passed his examination according to the rules of a WCC-organisation.
 2 The judge has passed his examination in FIFe or in WCF
 AB allbreed: all breeds
 LH Longhair
 SLH Semi-longhair
SH Shorthair
SOSH Siamese and Oriental Shorthair
 WCC World Cat Congress
Language code The language is indicated with the code according ISO-3166.
* Judges who declared their loyality towards the WCF by signing the judging-permission-contract
 Judges who are authorized to lead the seminar "Breeder of Excellence"