Contest Best Cat of WCF


Only the organizing club is authorized to transmit these datas!

Data of the club

* Email of the club

  * Participation in the contest
* License nr. of exhibition
L# 1234
* Requested by the club

short name: DE e.V.
  Main club

short name if the applying club
is a sub-club
* Date of exhibition
yyyy-mm-dd: 2009-10-01
* Member nr. of the club

  Member nr. of the main club


Name of Cat

DO NOT write the entire name with capital letters! !
If you fill out the pedigree number for the 1st time, then all the data of the cat are needed only for the very 1st time!


Examples for Prefix and Suffix: Lady vom Dorf Lady vom Dorf *RU Hollywood's Lady

Each time you enter the data of the cat, please write the name of the cat always in the same way.

* First name

Correct: Pretty Lady
Not correct: PRETTY LADY
Prefix of the cattery

von, of, vom, zur, iz, z, af
Cattery name of the cat

Correct: Hollywood
Not correct: HOLLYWOOD


Suffix of cattery

's, *PL

* Born

yyyy-mm-dd: 2008-01-23
For household pets: you must not
enter the full date, if you do not

Sex *Breed
male Colour

male neuter Pedigree nr.

Pedigree nr., as it is written in
the pedigree
female neuter

Certificate, which the cat has won

Placement in the WCF-ring

Placement in the WCF
( Double, Triple) Master-ring

  Adult-ring Adult Master-ring
EX1 Babies, kittens 3-6 and 6-10


Number of cats in the ring
Number of cats in the ring
CACIB/CAPIB CACM/CAPM Neuter-ring Neuter Master-ring
CACE/CAPE Best Veteran Number of cats in the ring
Number of cats in the ring
GCACE/GCAPE Best in variety
Nomination, BIS, BOB Kitten-ring Kitten Master-ring



kittens 10 weeks - 10 months

kittens 10 weeks - 10 months
Number of cats in the ring
Number of cats in the ring

Only for Household pets

Number of household pets in the exhibition

Name of the owner

* First name

Please do not abbreviate.
Correct: Vera
Not correct: VERA
Not correct: V.
* Family name

Correct: Preissova
Not correct: PREISSOVA

cat will not compete for
Regional and Continental


* City

Correct: Modena
Not correct: MODENA
* Country of the owner
Continent of the owner

Enter only the Index of your region,
for example: AR-010

If you do not fill out these fields,
your cat will not compete for
Regional and Continental Winner.

Region of the owner

Cattery name of the owner

* Date of application


* Name of the applicant

* The field is mandatary, which must be filled out.

Any misuse (entering fake data) of this contest will result in immediate expulsion from the contest.