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Non-recognition of titles

Dear members,

since we have become aware that online titles have been awarded by external clubs, we would like to make it clear that the WCF does not recognize titles that were/are awarded on so-called online shows.

In addition, WCF generally does not recognize titles that were / are awarded in the organization "WOC - World Organisation of Cats" and its affiliated clubs.

It is in the reponsibility of the WCF clubs to check this very carefully when confirming/entering the awarded title.

The Board


Speaker of the working group Standard- and Judges Commission

Dear members,

since Mr. Trautmann is not available for a longer period as speaker of the working group for private reasons, Mrs. Lemaigre temporarily acts as speaker.

If you have any questions, please contact her at

Please temporarily send all examination applications and documents to the WCF office

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Webinar about FIP

Dear members, breeders and cat owners,

A webinar (online seminar) on the latest on the latest in FIP research and advancements in treatment will take place on April 30, sponsored and contributed by TICA and CFA.

Anyone interested can register here, participation is free:


Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


WCF offer for our members

Due to the current situation (Corona pandemic), we offer our members to carry out the following online activities under the patronage of the WCF:

1. Cost-free WCF Online Seminars (WEBinar)

The prerequisites for this are the same as the normal WCF seminar.
These seminars are aimed at breeders and / or owners of cats and the participants can get a confirmation of participation.
This confirmation does not apply to the judge's career, neither as a steward nor as a student judge certificate.
A fee of 7.50 Euro will be charged for a desired publication of the seminar (including date, city, club and other detailed information)
Registration forms will be available in the download area.

2. Online Review Sessions (home-to-home)

The cat is shown from home to ONE judge.

The number of participants must be at least 20 but not more than 30 cats per session.
Each session should be not longer than 4 hours.

The selected judge must be an Allbreed judge with a valid WCF judge's permission and good written and spoken English skills.

Neither a title nor an Excellent nor any other qualification will be awarded and no further claims can be made.
The participant gets only the written valuation from the judge.

The Online Review Session will be licensed and afterwards published by WCF.
The application will be available in the download area, also the WCF form "Online review report" for the judge (only this form can be used).
The request must be received at least 4 weeks before the date, one C-number per session is required.

No further sessions of other clubs at the same time are permitted.

3. Cyber Shows (home-to-judge room)

More than one judge in different judge rooms at the same time while showing the cats to the respective judge.

The number of participants must be at least 60, but must not exceed 30 cats per judge.
Each Cyber Show should be not longer than 4 hours.

The other terms are currently the same as for the online sessions, subject to changes or additions.

For more information, such as for example rules and other requirements, send your questions to

The Board


Judge activities at exhibitions

Dear WCF judges,

please note the following existing WCF rule:

WCF judges (judges with a WCF exam and / or judges with a WCF judge's license) judge only at WCF exhibitions in accordance with the WCF standard.

This rule has hardly been applied in the past. We feel compelled to change this after the increased incidents in recent times.

As of May 15th, 2020, all judges should send an informal application for planned invitations from Non-WCF/WCC/LOOF-clubs to the chairman of the Judges commission at least 4 weeks in advance:

Of course, this rule applies to all activities as a judge, including online shows.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Thank you!

On behalf of all employees of the WCF office, I would like to thank our Chinese WCF club CAAC (CN-0333) for sending us face masks.

In the current global crisis situation, our cats, our members and, last but not least, our organization are dependent on cohesion and mutual support.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Crediting of license numbers due to the Corona pandemic

Dear club presidents,

For a possible crediting of license numbers for cancelled WCF exhibitions due to the Corona pandemic, please contact our Secretary General, who will act as responsible for this matter and who will provide you with advice and assistance.

Please avoid sending e-mails to our WCF office.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


To all our members, breeders and cat lovers all over the world:

Cats don't transfer corona virus to humans, they only transfer love!

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Change of fees and deadlines for WCF show licenses

Dear members,

As you remember, on our General Assembly 2019 was proposed to shorten the application period from 6 to 4 weeks, unfortunately this proposal was not accepted.

Due to the fact that we constantly spend a lot of time on e-mails regarding "special permits for late requests", the Board has decided to change the fees in such cases in order to optimize and accelerate the organizational process.

We also ask for observing the deadlines specified in the list so that our license managers can process your license changes effectively and on time.

List for download  

This Board decision with character of a rule comes into force on April 01, 2020 and will be presented to the next General Assembly for voting.

The Board


Change for the creation of WCF pedigrees

Dear members,

a pedigree must be issued for every kitten born in a WCF cattery.

The board has now decided that each WCF pedigree must have at least 3 generations.
3 generations mean: the kitten itself, the parents and the grandparents.

This Board decision with character of a rule comes into force with publication and will be placed for voting on the next General Assembly.

The Board


Matings of golden with silver cats

Dear members, dear judges,

constantly golden and silver cats are seen on WCF shows with severe color defaults, mainly at the British Shorthair in golden. In the meantime, serious color faults such as no nose or eye surroundings or wrong colors on the paws were also found in silver cats.

The WCF Board has therefore decided the following:

To protect breeders and cats, matings between golden and silver cats are forbidden from April 1st, 2020 until further genetic researchs have been carried out to determine which gene it is and ensure that this gene, in addition to the color faults, cannot cause any other genetic defects in offsprings.

Offsprings with the characteristics described above, which have fallen in these matings, can only receive a RIEX pedigree with the EMS color code "x" due to this non-recognized color.

The pedigree must also be marked with "Not for breeding", so please inform your breeders and your trainee clubs that these cats may not be sold for breeding before the genetic tests have been completed.

Cats with the above-mentioned color fault may only be exhibited with EMS colorcode "x" in the show class 24 - unrecognized colors / breeds - and may therefore not receive a title or participate in the Best in Show.

If these cats are registered in the wrong color and presented to the judge for assessment, they have to be rewritten by the judge to class 24. Likewise, no title may be awarded.

Cats with these color faults can only participate in the Variety Ring.

The Board



Dear presidents of the WCF clubs, dear members of the commissions, dear judges and student judges!

We wish you a quiet Christmas time, in which you can leave everyday stress behind.
For the coming year good luck, health and success!

The Board


Changes for WCF judges and student judges

It was acknowledged that the WCF is almost the only WCC organization that allows double listings of judges. A board decision was made and is valid until the General Assembly that forbids WCF judges to be listed on the judges lists of other organizations. This includes WCC organizations. The only exception is the LOOF because of the agreements made in the contract.

Please find here the exact wording of the board decision:

1. WCF e.V. doesn`t accept applications anymore from judges who are already in the judges list of other organizations, including WCC members.

2. Judges should decide on which organizations judges list they want to be listed - WCF judges list or another organization.

If they will choose another organization, it is possible to keep the judges in the guest judges list, if the relevant judge is in the list of a non WCC organization.

This Board decision with character of a rule comes into force with publication and will be placed for voting on the next General Assembly.

The Board


Cover letter regarding GV 2019

Dear members,

in the protected member area an important letter is available in German.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Judge Exams

Due to the absence of information from Mrs. Melnikova about issued permissions for examinations, all permissions for examinations after June 30th, 2019, issued by Mrs Melnikova, are not valid.

Examinations, taken by these permissions are not valid.

For new permissions please contact Mr. Trautmann:

The Board


Obituary Andreas Möbius

Andreas Möbius

Our former Secretary General, WCF judge and club president SteV e.V. Andreas Möbius left us much too early.
Only now we got knowledge of it, that he died already in June.

Our condolences to his family and friends.

The Board


Dear members,

the German protocol of the GA 2019 is available in the protected member area.

In addition, the new show rules are also available for download.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


I would like to thank you very much for the congratulations on my birthday!
I'm glad that so many people around the world have thought of it.


Anneliese Hackmann


Judging at exhibitions of Non-WCC organizations

We would like to ask our judges not to support or judge on exhibitions of the clubs "International Cat Expo ICE" and "Feline Fanciers Federation FFF" (currently Asian organizations).
Please refrain from invititations of these organizations.
This concern was discussed in the WCC meeting and there are reasons for it, so all members of the WCC agreed on this.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Rules amendments / additions

Dear members,

the Board has decided on rules and amendments / additions to existing rules:

Special Show rules for Moscow

All requests for licenses in Moscow and in distance of at least 100 km bee-line to Moscow must be sent for permission ONLY to the chairwoman of the Show commission, currently Mrs. Nuke E-Mail:
(Licenses for exhibitions at a distance of 200 km and more are treated like any other license).
After permission the requests will be forwarded to the license manager for issuing.
Here you can download the rules: Moscow Rules EN

Limit for Joint Shows with non-WCC organizations

Addition to the show rules, B.1.3.2:
Each club can only run a Joint Show with non-WCC organizations once a year.
Large projects within Moscow according to the special Moscow rules.

Exhibition catalogues

The catalogue must be written in one of the official languages of the WCF.
The club is allowed to provide an additional catalogue in the local language or include additional information in the local language.

Short exams for external judges

Existing rule:
The test has to be made in an official language of WCF.
The language may not be the mother tongue or the language of the country the candidate is living in.
The test has to be made in an official language of WCF.

Show rules, Show classes WCF

Article D.7 - class 20: Litter class, 3 - 6 months
A litter consists of at least 3 kittens

These Board decisions with character of a rule come into force with publication and will be placed for voting on the next General Assembly.

The Board


Retired WCF club

Following club (including trainee club) is no more a WCF member:

UA-0133, ILCF (17.06.2019)

WCF pedigrees and all further documents with WCF logo, issued after the date mentioned at the club,
constitute a violation of the trademark protection and must be immediately sent to the WCF office.

The Board


Agenda GA 2019

Dear presidents! Dear board members! Dear members of the commissions!

The agenda for our General Assembly 2019 is now available for you in the member area.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


General Assembly 2019, forms

Dear members,

all necessary forms are now available in our password-protected members area:

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Obituary Mrs. Victoria Kacina

On 21 March 2019, Victoria Kacina, longtime secretary of our WCF club LKMA MOONCAT / Latvia, passed away.

Our condolences to her family and friends

The Board


Standard- and Judges Commission

Dear members,

From now on, Mrs. Rudakova is delegated by the Board.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Processing of World Shows

Dear members,

from now on Mrs. Meister overtakes the processing of World Shows.

Please send your requests and other concerns to:

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.


Date General Assembly 2019

Dear members,

unfortunately there was an error in our last newsletter:

Our General Meeting will not be held from June 22 to June 24, 2019, but one week later.

The correct date is Friday, June 28, until Sunday, June 30, 2019 here in Essen.

The registration of the members takes place on the morning of the 28th of June, after completion of the registration the GA will begin.

Further details will be announced in the official invitation.

We apologize for that, but since we had to change the date due to the WCC meeting, something was wrongly documented here.

Anneliese Hackmann

President WCF e.V.