Rights and duties
of the WCF judge


Permission procedure


Examination regulations for WCF judges


Additional qualifications
for judges



Permission procedure

WCF judges

The judge’s permission is valid for 3 years (decision of the General Assembly of 06.12.1997). The first issuing is free of charge, as it is included in the examination fee. For an extension a fee of 20 Euro is charged at the moment. In case of a late-filed application for permission extension the fee is 40 Euro.


The owner of the permission is obliged to watch the expiry date by himself. A proof of payment and an actual passport photo  have to be attached to the application for extension.


WCF judges are obliged to have the application for extension stamped by their WCF club and to present the documents as in the case of the first application. 


The judges permission can be renewed at the latest within a 2-month period after expiry of the validity date. There is no entitlement to a reissue or extension if, for example, the documents of the application are not completely in original, if no payment has been made, if disciplinary proceedings have occurred or if the 2-month time limit has expired.


The owner of the permission will be displayed at the website of the WCF with complete address, tel./fax number, e-mail address, hair category and period of validity.

After expiry he will be shown for 2 months at most with the note “expired”. Is there no application for extension by that time, the data will be deleted.


WCF judges get a refund at the exhibitions for the costs for hotel, catering and travel as well as normally a present at the discretion of the club. The job as a judge at exhibitions is refunded with 100,00 Euro for each day of the exhibition. Additionally D.2.5 of the show rules applies.

The inviting clubs are obliged to refund the costs of the officiating judges before the Best in Show on the first day of the exhibition, at the latest before the Best in Show on the second day.


Since the WCF has sufficient adequately trained judges in the WCF, no further judges permissions are issued for judges who have not passed their examinations in the WCF.

Training at one of the WCC member associations is treated as a WCF training.



A Judges permission is also possible for a judge who is not a member of a WCF club but in another registered organization.

The judges permission procedure corresponds to that of a WCF judge.

The practical test for an Allbreed judge consists in judging at least:

5 cats Longhair category (incl.Exotic Shorthair)
5 cats Siamese/Oriental category
10 cats Semilonghair category
10 cats Shorthair category

Having a partial test raises the amount of cats to be judged and the questions to be answered as follows:

10 cats Longhair category (incl.Exotic Shorthair)
10 cats Siamese/Oriental category
15 cats Semilonghair category
15 cats Shorthair category

The theoretical exam consists of 10 questions per hair category.

The test can be made on a two-one-day-exhibition, where the practical part of the test shall be parted on both exhibition days. The practical test includes the choice for “Best Variety” and nominations for Best in Show.

The requirement does not apply to judges who belong to an organization with which the WCF has contractually agreed to mutual recognition of the judge's qualification. If the contractual relationship ends, the qualification of the concerned judges who hold a WCF permission during the contract period, remains recognized.

This rule is valid for all new requests.

2. WCC judges are treated like WCF judges and do not need to have a WCF juge’s permission to judge. The only difference is that these judges may not take examines. If a WCC judge wishes to receive a WCF judges’ permission, he / she will receive it according to the above mentioned regulations.

With fulfilling the above mentioned requirements a WCC judge receive as well the right to examine.
3. Associations wishing to require non-licensed judges to submit judicial evidence must submit to the Judges Commission copies of the evidence of the judges' exams to be submitted before verifying the issuing show license application.

Approval for the judge in question is then given after verification of the exam certificates for the verified classes.

This verification must be repeated in each individual case and is a fee-based service of WCF. The fee is 20,00 Euro per individual case.

The verification of the qualification is not equivalent to the granting of a WCF judge’s permission and does not automatically lead to a recognition of the judge as WCF judge.

This rule does not apply to judges of WCC members and associations who have a contractual agreement regarding their judges with the WCF.