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Seminars (definition)





Every seminar hold by clubs of WCF has to be reported to the WCF office in time with the topics of the seminar. The seminars must be approved by the Board:


1. Cost-free seminars

Request  at least 4 weeks before the start of the seminar


Within the club only!

NO certificates



2. Seminars with charge

Certificates must include number of the concession, WFC membership number and WCF Logo


Request up to 3 months prior to the seminar:

• Fee 100 Euro for each part of the seminar “Breeders of Excellence”

• Total fee 100 Euro for each other seminar


Request less than 3 months before the seminar (but no later than 4 weeks in advance):

• Fee 130 Euro for each part of the seminar “Breeders of Excellence”

• Total fee 130 Euro for each other seminar


WCF-Seminar „Breeder of Excellence“


The official WCF Seminars Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for the certification "Breeder of Excellence" can be claimed by any WCF clubs. The fee for the each part of the seminar costs € 100 to apply to the office in Essen. The seminar must be submitted at least 3 months prior to date with details of at least two of the leading judges / experts. By leading judges receive in advance the topics to be covered in the seminar parts. The drafting of the seminar part is up to the judges. An allowance for the judges / experts to be agreed by the performing WCF club separately. Participation fees that the club charges are freely negotiated by the association.

At least one judge with the quality mark "judge of trust" must be invited to each of the seminar parts. The "judges of trust" are marked in the list of judges with a diamond.


Judges of trust


Tatjana Cernova, Latvia
Anneliese Hackmann, Germany
Cornelia Hungerecker, Germany
Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski, Poland
Marion Meister, Germany

Olga Mironova, Russia
Irina Sadovnikova, Russia
Klaas van der Wijk, Netherlands


The following topics are treated in the 3 parts of the seminar complex "Breeder of Excellence."


Part 1, min. 9 hours:

  1. Development of the domestication of the cat in the historical overview
  2. Breed Studies  from its beginnings to the present WCF standard1
  3. Different character traits of the races in the WCF
  4. Basic needs of the cat, place and space
  5. Feeding the cat from kitten to senior
  6. Vaccinations, international travel rules
  7. Health care prevention
  8. Diseases, their detection
  9. WCF Cat Olimpia-an overview
  10. Introduction to Competition Best Cat of WCF
  11. Color genetics Part 1, color names, Introduction to theEMS code (WCF)
  12. Responsible behavior as a breeder in the WCF "Code of Ethics", Breeding Rules


Part 2, min. 8 hours

  1. Heredity
  2. Color genetics Part 2, practising the EMS code (WCF)
  3. Inbreeding, outcrossing, breeding techniques
  4. Selection of breeding stock
  5. Pregnancy, gestation, nutrition of pregnant
  6. Birth of the kittens, preparation
  7. Problems before, during and after birth to detect and eliminate
  8. Development of kittens, special needs at different life stages
  9. The hologram sticker project
  10. The European law for the protection of animals, the influence it has on the breeding of pedigree cats in the WCF


Part 3, min. 8 hours

  1. Breed standards of the WCF
  2. How is a standard developed?
  3. How is the standard to be defined? Practical work on the example of some cats.
  4. New breeds in the WCF, breeds in the recognition process.
  5. Show rules
  6. Traditional judging, Ring judgement
  7. Rules for breeders, judges and student judges, stewards
  8. The New Education System of the WCF
  9. The behavior of breeders, judges, student-judges and stewards inside and outside exhibitions.
  10. Loyalty - what is it?
  11. Positions and personnel in the WCF. The current situation of the WCF
  12. Ideas for the future of the WCF


In each of the seminar part for participating student judge candidates a pre-test is offered for to be held under the rules of the WCF. In addition participating student-judges and student-judge-1candidates (stewards) can apply for  a short language test which will be taken by one of the judges holding the seminar .A language certificate will be issued. Student judges will receive 2 certificates per seminar. Stewards will receive 2 certificates per seminar.


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