Household pet


To Semi-longhair breeds

The cat has a balanced, solid body structure in an excellent overall condition and appears well fed.


The head is in good proportion to the body and has soft contours.


The ear size and shape are well balanced with the head.

Eyes The eyes are vivid and expressive.

The coat is short, dense and glossy.


Colour varieties

All classic colours are permitted. Any amount of white is permitted. The colours chocolate and cinnamon,
as well as their dilution (lilac and fawn) are not recognized in any combinations (bicolour, tricolour, tabby).

The pointed pattern is also not recognized. The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

  • ult cats shall be neutered.
  • The household pet shall not be a mixture of recognised breeds.
Scale of points
Balance 20 points
Temperament 10 points
Eyes, coat texture, coat colour 20 points
Maintenance 20 points
Condition 30 points
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