To Shorthair breeds

The medium to large sized, slender cat is muscular and athletic, yet elegant.
The legs are long and slender, the paws are oval.
The tail is long, rather thick at the base and tapering.


The head is carried on a slender, long neck and forms a broad triangle.
The skull between the ears is flat. The cheek bones are visible (no pinch).
The slightly arched forehead continues gently into a well defined, straight nose.
No stop or suggestion of a stop. The muzzle is slightly flattened, the chin is firm.


The ears are large, broad at the base and tapered. They are erect and are set wide apart.
The distance between the ears must be at least that of the lower ear's width.
Tufts on the tips are desired. The ears have a thumb print.

Eyes The eyes are large and almond-shaped. They are set wide apart and are slightly oblique.
The eye colour is always green in adult cats; yellow-green is tolerated.
Coat The coat is short, close lying and with little undercoat. The structure is rather coarse and not soft like in the Siamese.
The hairs are long enough to show a clear ticking in the base colour and in the pattern. The ticking cannot be sacrificed,
but it is not pronounced enough for the spots to disappear.
Colour varieties On a beige to cinnamon base colour there are spots, which are softened due to the ticking.
Spotted and marbled patterns are accepted:

seal spotted

chocolate spotted

cinnamon spotted

seal marbled

chocolate marbled

cinnamon marbled


Silver varieties are not permitted.


The following matings are permitted:


  • Kanaani
  • spotted variants of the Felis Lybica
  • spotted Bengal
  • spotted OSH of old type


This regulation is valid until 01.01.2008.
Kittens, which are born after 01.01.2008, may only have Kanaani-parents.

  • oriental appearance
Scale of points
Body 30 points
Head 25 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat texture 15 points
Coat colour, pattern 15 points
Condition 5 points
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